I have this feeling that specific people are keeping things from me. Do
you ever get that feeling? The one where you just KNOW that there’s
something that people aren’t telling you, and yet you have no solid
proof. Just the feeling you get when you catch a look or they let
something slip or the way they act when you bring up a certain subject.
I would never confront them about it, nor discuss the details with
friends. Because they would just ask me why I think this and all I
would have as an answer is “I just know.” They would think I’m
completely ridiculous and paranoid. But I’ve never been wrong when I’ve
had these feelings. Never. I’m a pretty observant person and I tend to
notice the discrepencies in the way people act. It seems pretty
transparent to me. And it scares me sometimes the way people can lie
right to my face with ease; no sign of remorse or hesitation on their
face. This feeling has been eating away at me and I’m conflicted on
what to do. Will they ever tell me? Or will they rather attempt to
always keep it from me. I hate liars. I don’t care if people keep
secrets from me to try and protect me, I will lose complete respect for
you and you will have lost my trust. I may not admire many things about
Lauren since the backstabbing incident, but I at least respect the way
she had Danielle tell me rather than attempting to hide it from me. I
try to brace myself for the inevitable moment that the truth comes out.
I think I have an idea of what that is, but again, I have no solid
proof. Just a feeling. And yet, as I have said before, my feelings have
never been wrong. Never.


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  1. i just had one of those feelings last week.  They’re very real and ur not being paranoid.  u can just tell… sense… when someone is lying or keeping something from u.  it makes me so stressed and worried and I freak out.  don’t worry, i know what ur saying.  (soul mates, baby!)


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