So, Mrs. Kazman is a whore. I kinda feel that if a teacher shouts obscenities to you, that it’s okay to not respect them in any way shape or form. So, awesome for that. I had to call David right after ( I know that seems like a weird choice to you, but he and I have had many conversations about her and harry) and it was very therapeutic. I know the year’s over and I never have to see her again,but it doesn’t exactly feel good to have the woman you worked your ass off for for 5 months, constantly trying to gain her approval, yell “you’re a fucking pain in the ass” in a room full of people. But I suppose what bothers me more is that I still haven’t picked up my tassle and I paid nine dollars for that shit. I certainly don’t ever want to have contact with Reva again, so perhaps I can get Linda to pick it up for me. It’s a shame that I care more about losing nine dollars than I do about losing the good teacher-student relationship that we had last year. Oh, how jaded I’ve become in respect to the theater department over these last couple months.


I currently have a shitload of work to do for my classes, and I have no idea how much of that I’ll get done. I hate pointless busywork. I hate Linda Kovacs for insinuating that I won’t get into college and I’ll end up doing nothing with my life, and then hitting me with the hardest quarter of my life my last quarter of senior year.

I have to sign up for my classes for NYU during the last day of finals. SWEET. Sign ups start at 8 a.m so I’m hoping Ms. Baxter will let me go on the computer (and I’m hoping that the computer works ) since we don’t have an exam in that class.

Sammy’s graduation party was last night. It was fun. Danielle wore the bra I sold her and I noticed. It’s my keen Maidenform eye. Also, my fake seduction plan did not work. But I didn’t really care, anyway. Hence the “fake” part.


I’m ready to party. I’m tired of watching movies, let’s get shitfaced. Ha. You’d all laugh in my face.


We’ll see how I feel after graduation, we’ll see.


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  1. Haha, you really are a hardworking employee.  Let me recount a conversation we had approximately 1.5 weeks ago:Me: Dude look I got sunburnt! *Lifts up shirt*You: *Gasp* Is that a Maidenform bra?


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