I have 7 minutes left until I should leave for work. Lame.

Last night was fun, really fun, actually (considering the spontaneity). Tim told me I’m like a perfect school teacher, Danielle talks to me in French, and Ram buys bagels, so it’s all good. I don’t quite know who says that anymore, it’s all good, but I’m sure someone, somewhere will appreciate my usage of it. Alas, I digress. There were a few bumbs in the road, but who really cares when you’re young and it’s summer and you have your whole life laid out in front of you– The ends almost always justify the means when you’re 18. Danielle and I were talking in the car and it’s a little saddening that we don’t hang out with that crowd on a regular basis, because they’re pretty fun and we’ll probably never get another chance to hang out with them again. But, as I said before, the trivial things don’t really matter when it’s the theoretical last summer before everything changes, so why dwell on it? I hope to see Ram again before he leaves, but , realistically, I probably won’t, so to him I say: Thank you so much for last night. You’re probably one of the most intelligent and genuinely caring people I’ve met and I hope India turns out to be the life-changing experience it’s supposed to be. You’re one of the good ones (yes, we do recognize it in you), and I hope that doesn’t change, because there aren’t many of you left. Maybe I’ll see you in December and we can bro down again


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  1. Thanks for the praise and wishes and definitely thank you for coming out. And thanks for taking care of all of us that night; you played the integral role of mom, and I think I speak for all in saying that we’d be pretty f’ed if we didn’t have you around.
    That crowd was the epitome of randomness, but it’s funny how things work out for the best when such people come together.
    We’ll definitely do something in December. Time will fly, and I’ll be back before you know it. Don’t you worry .


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