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I think it’s time we said good-bye.

I don’t write in this thing very often, anyway, and once I’m in college I can’t particularly see myself  keeping up with it.

So, I’m here until the 27th. Other than that, I’m in NYC if you need me. Either a phone call, IM, e-mail, or train ride away.

I have 7 minutes left until I should leave for work. Lame.

Last night was fun, really fun, actually (considering the spontaneity). Tim told me I’m like a perfect school teacher, Danielle talks to me in French, and Ram buys bagels, so it’s all good. I don’t quite know who says that anymore, it’s all good, but I’m sure someone, somewhere will appreciate my usage of it. Alas, I digress. There were a few bumbs in the road, but who really cares when you’re young and it’s summer and you have your whole life laid out in front of you– The ends almost always justify the means when you’re 18. Danielle and I were talking in the car and it’s a little saddening that we don’t hang out with that crowd on a regular basis, because they’re pretty fun and we’ll probably never get another chance to hang out with them again. But, as I said before, the trivial things don’t really matter when it’s the theoretical last summer before everything changes, so why dwell on it? I hope to see Ram again before he leaves, but , realistically, I probably won’t, so to him I say: Thank you so much for last night. You’re probably one of the most intelligent and genuinely caring people I’ve met and I hope India turns out to be the life-changing experience it’s supposed to be. You’re one of the good ones (yes, we do recognize it in you), and I hope that doesn’t change, because there aren’t many of you left. Maybe I’ll see you in December and we can bro down again

high school is done. good.

I have more hours at maidenform. good, but tiring.

Thursday night will be crazy, and I’m ready for it. Newton, here I come [thanks, danielleeeeee]. *AND THANKS TO RAM FOR BEING BORN AND BEING SUPER-COOL*

Sunday is Abbey’s. my grandfather said that by the looks of her crazy invitation that it will be a crazy party. haha abbey said he might as well come, too bad he’s back in delaware (the state, come on guysss).

I bought the spike lee movie collection. because I’m awesome. and it was only 30 dollars for 4 movies. and I like, no love, a good spike lee joint, yo.

summer isn’t long enough. let’s make an effort to see one another.

So, Mrs. Kazman is a whore. I kinda feel that if a teacher shouts obscenities to you, that it’s okay to not respect them in any way shape or form. So, awesome for that. I had to call David right after ( I know that seems like a weird choice to you, but he and I have had many conversations about her and harry) and it was very therapeutic. I know the year’s over and I never have to see her again,but it doesn’t exactly feel good to have the woman you worked your ass off for for 5 months, constantly trying to gain her approval, yell “you’re a fucking pain in the ass” in a room full of people. But I suppose what bothers me more is that I still haven’t picked up my tassle and I paid nine dollars for that shit. I certainly don’t ever want to have contact with Reva again, so perhaps I can get Linda to pick it up for me. It’s a shame that I care more about losing nine dollars than I do about losing the good teacher-student relationship that we had last year. Oh, how jaded I’ve become in respect to the theater department over these last couple months.


I currently have a shitload of work to do for my classes, and I have no idea how much of that I’ll get done. I hate pointless busywork. I hate Linda Kovacs for insinuating that I won’t get into college and I’ll end up doing nothing with my life, and then hitting me with the hardest quarter of my life my last quarter of senior year.

I have to sign up for my classes for NYU during the last day of finals. SWEET. Sign ups start at 8 a.m so I’m hoping Ms. Baxter will let me go on the computer (and I’m hoping that the computer works ) since we don’t have an exam in that class.

Sammy’s graduation party was last night. It was fun. Danielle wore the bra I sold her and I noticed. It’s my keen Maidenform eye. Also, my fake seduction plan did not work. But I didn’t really care, anyway. Hence the “fake” part.


I’m ready to party. I’m tired of watching movies, let’s get shitfaced. Ha. You’d all laugh in my face.


We’ll see how I feel after graduation, we’ll see.

I went to see my sister in Pirates of Panzance tonight.

This was the highlight of my evening:

“Wait, who’s she doing?! hahaah I mean, who’s she going out with?!”


lol lyke omgz rofl


I just love pre-teens.

(read: musicals with 5th and 6th graders suck at life)



Avni comes into maidenform. so should you.