cake or death508 (10:24:51 PM): fucking stop
cake or death508 (10:24:59 PM): ill mail sock puppets to you anonymusly
cake or death508 (10:25:01 PM): until you die

I HATE sock puppets. They make me so angry.


12 thoughts on “”

  1. Hahahaha. As I told you, I got rid of mine. But to tell you the truth, I would have kept it if this girl with pink eye hadn’t grabbed it. Oh well. I still think it’s funny. Maybe I’ll make a new one! (Just kidding)


  2. Hahaha. To tell you the truth, I’d still probably laugh, while I bleed. Or sure, the initial punch would shut me up, but then I would just laugh and laugh and laugh. Not that’d I provoke you on purpose. I’m just saying, that’s all.   


  3. And all because you despise sock puppets and immaturity. My face would be permantnently disfigured and my sock-puppet in ruins and you would have a bleeding fist. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to ban myself from sock puppets, just to salvage our friendship, which I have no problem sacrificing for.   


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