Weekend Update.

Friday Bridget and I had dinner at Applebees and it was the shit. Keanu, Kanye, and Brandon. That’s all you need to know.

As for Saturday, well, my Saturday night completely owned your Saturday night, hands down. HANDS. fucking. DOWN. Let me break it down for you:

Messing up of the drink, free cookie, Chris and I
fighting (anorexic/bulemic, scene, skacore, pants-wetter, jerkface,
sweater-stealer… RAWLINGS.), meeting Brittany, waiting for Bridget.
“Location 2”: paying
(wtf.), “I saw you at the…” “No, no you didn’t”, destroying the
evidence, falling down bleachers, weird ass hell shoutouts “lay off of
the…. conditioner”, beat boxing, “we’re the blackest ones here”,
steve yelling at us to shut up.
Parking Lot: Chris is majorly ADD. SWITCH.
Chris’s house: “we’re at the COFFEE HOUSE!”, dance party, “psp/pcp”, kill all of the whores, tatu, “we have to leave”
On the Road: party
freakout, lame-party drive-by, followed by a cop, scary house, seeing a
drug dealer in the window, “I’m in traffic”, “I don’t know how to lie
to my mom!” “I’ll teach you”, CURFEW BLOWS.

School sucks, but at least it ends a day early this week 🙂 And then I can party it up again.


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