I was looking through the pictures on my computer and I came across
this one taken at the Thespian Society inductions. It’s blurry and the
color is a bit distorted, but I love it anyway. But maybe that’s just
because Adam’s in a skirt.


Today was awesome. Physics was a nonstop lecture because basically the
entire class will be out on Mon. for senior cut day. I had to keep
reminding Jeremy to copy notes he’d missed or to stay awake, like I
usually do, and he was like “What would I do without you?” Honestly, I
don’t know. Then I wrote “prom haikus” for Bridget, Amanda, and
Meredith and asked Jeremy to deliver it to them when he went to
Advanced Theater. He “awwed” at my title “Haikus. Seriously.” But
that’s okay, because I can deal with being sentimental. I find it

Today Ms. Miers gave a speech about being careful at prom and then Dave
went in another classroom and yelled “I’m going to get so drunk
tonight!” Honestly, sometimes I think that no one listens to the
warnings anymore. I’d probably be worried as fuck about RJ but he’s not
going to prom. Probably staying home and getting completely fucked up
on a mix of pain killers, pot, and alcohol like he does every day of
the week. I told him and Matt that I’m worried enough for the both of
them, and although they thought this was sweet, they really don’t find
me valid in my fears. I’m sorry if RJ’s lips turning blue doesn’t freak
him out, but it worries ME. Some of the kids I know can be so stupid
sometimes, not even seniors in particular, and I’m seriously just
waiting for the day when some kid dies in a car accident while he was
high or drunk or dies of a drug overdose or alcohol poisioning. Even that
probably wouldn’t keep them from partying. They’d probably be scared
enough to stop for a week or so, but after that they’d resume their
normal party habits with the exception of a resolution to watch
eachother to make sure that they don’t die. Almost overdoing it to the
point of death is okay, though. I just can’t wrap my head around it. We
have a pretty decent school, with well-to-do families, and an amazing
future ahead of most of us, you’d think that everyone would have enough
sense to watch what they put in their bodies.

And yet, despite these somber ideas running through my head, I find
myself to be in a pretty peaceful mood. Siddhartha (as in the book
character, not Buddha) would be proud. Although I hope to see a movie
with my friends tonight, I would be content to settling down on the
couch with my “Dawson’s Creek” DVDs of various seasons. <3<3<3

I am obsessed with haikus! Last night I started my “thespian society
portfolio” and they are the best evahhh, just ask Meredith. My 
talent is unparalleled and if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll write one for
you 😉

So this day sucked my life until Teen PEP<3 Man I love them.

Let’s see- first block the Hon. Physics test kicked my ass. I seriously
cannot remember what made me take that class. I must have gone
temporarily insane. And it didn’t help that Kevin kept playing with the
pulley and the meter stick, watching it go up and down, when I was
trying to take my test.

Second block wasn’t too bad today, I rocked the reading quiz and I
talked with Matt and RJ the entire time about how fucked up RJ got last
night. “RJ, I’m really worried about you, I feel like you’re going to
die or something!” “Naw, don’t worry about me brah, I’m not going
anywhere.” hahahaha aww man I love those kids. And apparently it is
just too weird to be a peace sign, even though it TOTALLY makes sense
because there are 3 parts. Dorks.

3rd block we watched “The Lorax” but it was so hot that we all just
passed out on our desks and slept a little. Even Mrs. Mack was like
“it’s too hot to teach”.

4th block was Teen PEP!!! Dave came back today and I found out that
next week is his last week because he’s leaving early for Naval Academy
classes! WTF DAVE, I didn’t even get to plan our BFD (Best Friend Day)
and he’s leaving me forever! (And yes, he did laugh when I said this
too him. Obviously). But I was really upset that he was leaving early.
Teen PEP is so close, and I don’t want to cut short my time with any of
them. I’m going to be really sad when this is over. Also, Mr. Carr was
not being my favorite person. First he broke up me and Ali and then he
wrote me down for the wrong part in one of the skits. But oh well,
because Dave and I laughed the entire time because we’re HILARIOUS and
I’m really excited about this workshop. I think that it’s one of the
most important ones to teach.

After school I stayed for tutorial with RJ and Matt so we could do our
“The Color Purple” project. RJ totally rocked that thing and I was
really impressed, especially considering how much of a hangover he had.
Matt didn’t have a ride home so I gave him a ride. Even my brother
thinks he’s funny. Oh, that silly East Amwell boy.

Oh yes, and yesterday I stayed after for 5 million hours at The LAMP
and I wrote Liz the most amazing “Letter to the Editor” and secured my
place as the movie reviewer for next year’s entertainment page!!! I am
very excited about this, and so is Mr.McHale, because he is my best
friend and he enjoys all of my time spent in The LAMP room as an
unofficial staff member. I TRIED to show Duncan our rap but apparently
he doesn’t enjoy talent. Oh, Ba-dunk-a-dunk. I also had like a 20 min.
phone conversation with Mr. Wright because he is supah cool.


oh,oh, oh baby.

Jeremy passed the torch to me, it was so cute.  I was really
worried about winning when James and Chris dropped down and Brandon was
already running against me. I honestly wasn’t expecting it, but when I
heard my name I just smiled so wide. Yay 🙂

Tonight is going to suck the life out of me. I have a 5 pg. reasearch
paper to write, I have to watch the entirety of “The Color Purple” and
take notes on the symbols, and do a problem set for physics. Grrr.

But I’m in such a good mood, and nothing can change that

Today I got invited to the Fall National Young Leaders Conference
<3<3<3 Oh,oh,oh YES! (Carey Morgan, I saw your name on the
list of people who went this year- let me know how it went and if you liked it). I have no idea
which session to go, so if you got invited too, let me know and we’ll
go at the same time. I’m so freaking excited. Take THAT Mrs. Kovacs.
Suck it.

Two Teen PEP presentations today. Awesome xs 1 BILLION! Although,
telling kids how to put on a condom two blocks in a row is tiring. I
taught Leslie’s sister, and she is the coolest evahhh. We had our all
Peppers lunch table but I saw Mer and Amanda Blaicher and talked with
them for awhile. And Bridget and I declared our love for one another
cross-tables and she and Careyface tried to bond with me over their
choclate pudding. Sadly, it was Renee who had that particular tasty
delight and I had myself some ice cream. Because shit it was hot. And
the wooden gym smelled SO badly.

All of the lacrosse boys dyed their hair. I find this to be extremely
silly and all of the boys were teasing Kevin about it in Physics.

In HMT we talked about Mr. Chappe because he is the coolest Buddhist OF
ALL TIME and I had to share my knowledge of Judaism (being the token
Jew in the class).

I had an outside-of-class conversation con Sr. Venosa and it rocked my
life. I’m actually really upset that I missed the rest of Hotel Rwanda
today but Ali said that she rented it and I can go over her house and
watch it with her.

Jen told me that tomorrow is the thespian meeting. For real, son, vote
me into the Vice Presidency. I would love you forever. And having my
love is FREAKING AWESOME. Jen and I have The “Keep the Jews in Office!”
Campaign as I am trying to keep up the jew-line after Jeremy leaves and
Jen wants to be Treasurer.

Tomorrow night is the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” episode
featuring the BAHSTON Red Socks. I think I’ll tape it so that I can
listen to the Boston accents over and over and over again

werdwerdwerd. I tend to write things in 3s for emphasis. That’s weird. And yet, I don’t care at all.

And, um, yeah. This is for you: <3333 Let’s grow old together, okay?