On Saturday I, Arika Gold-Feinberg battled the highways interstates to get to Cherry Hill, NJ to see my lovely Dan-it be AMAZING in The Crucible. I did not get lost once and arrived both there and back in decent time. I figured that this was notable enough to post here because I’m kinda known for getting lost anywhere and everywhere (for example getting lost driving from Maidenform to Borders).

Yay me!

Musical is going well. Posters are up. Ahh! It’s coming so soon!

APs are over this week. I’m going to miss APHG alot. And not just my loveable boys, the entire thing. Kenneth is a hoot.

Spring Break at the end of this week. Rock on.

Coming up:

NYU brunch

Death Cab/Franz Ferdinand w/ Laguna Crew

Danit and Arika time ?!





This is belated but.


NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, incomming class of 2006, will include me.


bitch, please.

Greg Millner says that if I’m a pepper, then August is salt. Those boys
are toughening me up for the city and I’m making them proud.

Musical is going well; Mrs. Kazman says we’re right on schedule so if she thinks so, then it must be true.

Today in Anatomy Shannon and I had to give 15mL of spit. It was quite
possibly the grossest thing I’ve ever done. But X marks the spot for
the buried treasure, dumbass, so it isn’t all that bad.

I keep forgetting my ID and I think Mrs. Krug is getting annoyed at me
for coming to her office every day before I get lunch. Well too bad
because I’m annoyed at the IMC ladies for checking for IDs like crazy
and nothing can be changed about THAT.

I have severe bruises on my shin from speedball. Wtf, CPR and Games is
not supposed to be hardcore. And it’s far more humiliating to say the
reason why I’m limping is because of speedball than because of some
hardcore game of basketball.

Mamacita, where is Santa Claus? oh, if you only knew.

Ohmygosh. Just. Oh my gosh.

Such a good night.

Liz and I went to the boys basketball championship game and it was
insane. We were losing so badly and I was about to cry and all of the
boys just looked so devasted. But then we had the biggest upset
everrrr. We won by like 7 points; it was so rad. Insane. I’ve never had
so much central pride in my LIFE. I kinda feel like I’ve had an
essential high school experience now and my throat hurts from all of
the yelling. The feeling of making such a comeback was insaneee and the
boys were so cute when they won. Afterwards Liz and I released all of
our tension from the game by blasting “I just want you to know” about
800 times in a row with our hoods up and windows down, like playas do.

I’m going to have to make August and Jimmy a card because they’re my
heroes and I’m pretty sure that the kids who played for P-Burg were
genetically mutated freaks with unhumanly long arms.

Much needed, much needed.

I should start off by saying that I’m very proud of Elizabeth Margaret
for getting into Maryland and getting one step closer to fulfilling our
carpool semi-stalker dreams.

Today my family wasn’t home so I turned my music up loudly, sang as
loudly as I could, and danced forbiddenly on bed mattresses. It was an
amazing release, and you wish you were there.

Yesterday was the Bucks County coffee house with Avni. And the bolter
made by the cute inexperienced boy behind the counter. And awkward
moments with Erik Erkkila and Ram, and loving glances between Andrew
and Alex. But more importantly Avni ate the bolter. The entire thing.
And I could talk about skanky girls forever. There are just so many
things.  Erik told me I looked beautiful and made me a Valentine’s
Day card out of  the picture he and Joe drew out of the emo boy
drawn on some person’s list of performance dates. It’s beautiful. A
beautiful let down. Like forehead kisses for Ram during AP Human
Geography. Maybe next time we’ll meet for drinks, get some dessert, go
back to my place.

 Don’t ask, you wouldn’t understand.

This was the longest week of all time, it seems.

Greg told me we’d be friends again if I spelled his name in crumbs.
Yeah, okay. August has been my “new Danielle.” I give Dani, August, Ed,
and Greg a countdown every day of how long it is until she comes back.
Today I said, “Danielle’s going to be back on Tuesday!” to which Eddie
replied, “shit.” But he’s just overwhelmed by missing her, we all are,
including Mr. Kotcher.

Last night I slept for 12 hours. Under the right circumstances that
would be great, but considering I didn’t do any of my homework and woke
up late because of it, it was pretty much shitty. That’s what I get for
a having a weekend sleeper on my alarm clock that thought today was

In CPR Mrs. McNally didn’t feel like doing anything so we watched
“She’s Too Young” and I was so super-stoked because I love that movie
to no end.

This weekend promises to suck because I’m working every day (which means no meredith) and I have tons of hw. Geez.

Call, we’ll hang out.

This has been a long week.

3 day weekends light up my life.

Second semester of senior year is so much more work than my past semesters.

I’m mad at Eddie, but I still love APHG. The discussion went a lot less painfully than I expected; Millner and I made a good team.

Musical is going well.

Death Cab concert in April, and I’m buying the tickets tomorrow. So excited.

This picture is long overdue. APHG fashion week was the shit.