On Saturday I, Arika Gold-Feinberg battled the highways interstates to get to Cherry Hill, NJ to see my lovely Dan-it be AMAZING in The Crucible. I did not get lost once and arrived both there and back in decent time. I figured that this was notable enough to post here because I’m kinda known for getting lost anywhere and everywhere (for example getting lost driving from Maidenform to Borders).

Yay me!

Musical is going well. Posters are up. Ahh! It’s coming so soon!

APs are over this week. I’m going to miss APHG alot. And not just my loveable boys, the entire thing. Kenneth is a hoot.

Spring Break at the end of this week. Rock on.

Coming up:

NYU brunch

Death Cab/Franz Ferdinand w/ Laguna Crew

Danit and Arika time ?!





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  1. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. you are so amazing for not getting lost. i hyperventilate just thinking about driving somewhere new by myself. especially at night. speaking of…the dates (10-11) are totally fine for a sleepover. and i don’t want to make you drive here again since you just did. also if i come to f-town i can see you and abby. sooooo do you think we could find some sort of meeting place in the sort of middle somewhere? my mom said she doesnt mind driving me on monday…but i can’t get picked up until tuesday night, so is that ok with you? alsooooo is f-town near hamilton? bc my dad is in hamilton on tuesdays. anyways we have to work out transportation but i should be able to get to f-town from the 10th-11th!!


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