Greg Millner says that if I’m a pepper, then August is salt. Those boys
are toughening me up for the city and I’m making them proud.

Musical is going well; Mrs. Kazman says we’re right on schedule so if she thinks so, then it must be true.

Today in Anatomy Shannon and I had to give 15mL of spit. It was quite
possibly the grossest thing I’ve ever done. But X marks the spot for
the buried treasure, dumbass, so it isn’t all that bad.

I keep forgetting my ID and I think Mrs. Krug is getting annoyed at me
for coming to her office every day before I get lunch. Well too bad
because I’m annoyed at the IMC ladies for checking for IDs like crazy
and nothing can be changed about THAT.

I have severe bruises on my shin from speedball. Wtf, CPR and Games is
not supposed to be hardcore. And it’s far more humiliating to say the
reason why I’m limping is because of speedball than because of some
hardcore game of basketball.

Mamacita, where is Santa Claus? oh, if you only knew.


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