I should start off by saying that I’m very proud of Elizabeth Margaret
for getting into Maryland and getting one step closer to fulfilling our
carpool semi-stalker dreams.

Today my family wasn’t home so I turned my music up loudly, sang as
loudly as I could, and danced forbiddenly on bed mattresses. It was an
amazing release, and you wish you were there.

Yesterday was the Bucks County coffee house with Avni. And the bolter
made by the cute inexperienced boy behind the counter. And awkward
moments with Erik Erkkila and Ram, and loving glances between Andrew
and Alex. But more importantly Avni ate the bolter. The entire thing.
And I could talk about skanky girls forever. There are just so many
things.  Erik told me I looked beautiful and made me a Valentine’s
Day card out of  the picture he and Joe drew out of the emo boy
drawn on some person’s list of performance dates. It’s beautiful. A
beautiful let down. Like forehead kisses for Ram during AP Human
Geography. Maybe next time we’ll meet for drinks, get some dessert, go
back to my place.

 Don’t ask, you wouldn’t understand.


2 thoughts on “”

  1. wow i wouldnt have thought about that particular group of kids hanging out. wish i was there . . .especially to hear eddie’s pining for me in APHG hahahaha. and its good to see you “building bridges” with Ram the Across The Room Boy. i feel so out of the loop now.


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