This was the longest week of all time, it seems.

Greg told me we’d be friends again if I spelled his name in crumbs.
Yeah, okay. August has been my “new Danielle.” I give Dani, August, Ed,
and Greg a countdown every day of how long it is until she comes back.
Today I said, “Danielle’s going to be back on Tuesday!” to which Eddie
replied, “shit.” But he’s just overwhelmed by missing her, we all are,
including Mr. Kotcher.

Last night I slept for 12 hours. Under the right circumstances that
would be great, but considering I didn’t do any of my homework and woke
up late because of it, it was pretty much shitty. That’s what I get for
a having a weekend sleeper on my alarm clock that thought today was

In CPR Mrs. McNally didn’t feel like doing anything so we watched
“She’s Too Young” and I was so super-stoked because I love that movie
to no end.

This weekend promises to suck because I’m working every day (which means no meredith) and I have tons of hw. Geez.

Call, we’ll hang out.


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