Auditions are over.

I have the completed cast list and I post it in about 5 1/2 hours.

It’s mainly how I wanted it to be/ thought it would be, with the exception of a few people being left out or not deserving to be in. But yeah, overall I’m really happy with who’s in it and who got what parts and I’m so super stoked to start rehearsing and spending time with 800 million people I love at the same time.

I have a couple of essays that I was supposed to do tonight that I didn’t, as well as studying for the APHG test, but at least I got my Hon. Art & Craft of film shit done.


Kiss Me, Kate 2006. What it is, Wasssssup.


EDIT:// Oh yeah, yesterday started off AP Human Geography Fashion Week. Because I’m awesome and fun and cool. AndAndAnd.

Monday: Danielle Demers Day, and it was awesome.

Tuesday: August Hamilton Day, and it will be even better.

Wednesday: Either Eddie Barbieri or Greg Millner Day

Thursday: Nothing, because I won’t have that class.

Friday: Either Eddie Barbieri or Greg Millner Day

Monday of next week: Culminating with Mr. Kotcher Day

Oh, oh, oh you wish you were in that class with me.


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