Walking with the Cifellis every morning pretty much makes my day, even
when it’s raining. Even when I get laughed at because my umbrella turns
inside out and I get soaked, regardless of my intention to avoid that.
I wish I could make Samara feel better, but I don’t know what to say, I
don’t think there really is anything to say. I was talking to her after auditions today and she mentioned that she’s going to have to go to the Kiss Me, Kate
dance auditions right after the funeral. Wtf, Mrs. Kazman. I don’t
think it’s fair to make her, or anyone else, do that. It’s not that
hard to re-schedule dance auditons to friday. Instead of posting the
callbacks I could always, oh, gee, I don’t know, call the kids who made them like they’ve done every other year. But noooo.

On the topic of Kiss Me, Kate
auditions (vocal and acting), I’m glad that they’re over. There were
certain people who had severe attitude problems and I don’t feel like
dealing with them anymore. Once the musical officially starts, that’s
when I can actually say, “hey, how about you shut up, because I own
you. Or, Mrs. Kazman does and I’ll totally tell on you like I was


I’ve been missing people a lot lately, I think it’s the depressing
changing weather, aka Global Warming, or “everything’s fucked up” as
David said we should call it. Fuck the weather, fuck people changing,
fuck growing apart from people you love. It’s all a part of growing up,
man. Life, death, happiness, sadness, angst, it’s all a part of growing


One thought on “”

  1. “everythings fucked up” haha david. what a cool kid.
    i can’t wait to stand right next to you as you bitch the underclassmen out. Afterwards me and Avni et. al. will stand around like cool seniors infront of them, talking about cool stuff like all eastern, which they will never achieve with their lowly underclassman skills. and then if they keep acting up we will all jointly mess with their minds in the name or arika, our esteemed student director. mwahahaha cant wait.


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