Now that it’s 2006, it’s officially the year I graduate. That’s so weird. I’m ready to leave here, but I must say it still scares me to semi-officially move into adulthood. I don’t even know how to do laundry by myself.


Mandatory General Meeting for “Kiss Me Kate”- Monday, January 9th from 3-4pm in Cafeteria 174.

To all of the people I love: please be there, I want you in this show with me.

I’m a little nervous. It’s my first official time as student director and I might pee myself.

But I won’t lie, I can’t wait to see the faces of stupid people who treated me like shit last year just because I did crew.


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  1. oh arika i love you. please let me know if you pee yourself fo’real. and it is sooooo freaky that we graduate this year. i mean the next five years of my life are terribly exciting…yearcourse and then tisch…but i can’t do my own laundry either, so i’m a little scared. i can’t even drive.


  2. Oh sure, they work hard. Only… the majority seem to fail miserably :-/ I mean, coherent English, at least??And they spelled Cecelia’s name wrong, which is an unforgivable sin :P(Cilia is part of a cell… not a person!)


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