Today wasn’t such a good day. August Hamilton got into Princeton, which
is AMAZING, but it only makes me realize how horrible it is that I have
no idea wtf I’m doing with college. And it’s not so awesome when Greg
shows his affection by throwing an empty water bottle at my back
pretending it’s a grenade, or when I go to talk to Mrs. Kazman thinking
it’s about when we’re starting auditions and she freaking fucks me over
instead. And to add on to all of it, I’m sick as fuck. All I want to do
is sleep and I have papers to write. Gross.


5 thoughts on “”

  1. well, u should really get used to greg, because its a lifetime commitment. me and august are happily married, although everytime he sees me in the hallway, i always seem to be hugging a different boy.
    august: “i cant stand you woman.”


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