Ew, better make sure there are no spacing mistakes, or typos for that matter, because Danielle Demers is watching me.

Being trapped in Hon. Art & Craft of Film is an experience. But Adam and MattF are always my favorites and I got to have a nice talk with Nicole, which I’ve been meaning to do for awhile, and WaWaWomelsdorf, which was actually a lot better than I expected. I guess I can forgive him a little for laughing at me while I park every day. Too bad everyone got a little stir crazy and Mr. Bernet still thinks it’s cool to play trivia games.

I actually missed APhg today. Those boys give me a laugh, what can I say. I did not, however, miss handing in a paper that is not done. Good thing I didn’t use this extra time given to me by the early dismisal to write the paper. God, I’m a moron.

I loved having Laguna Crew time today. Danielle Lynn and Elizabeth Margaret are my favorites, even if my brother doesn’t agree. And blasting *NSYNC Christmas music is the shit.

So, um, yeah. Hon. Psych paper and APhg paper, due tomorrow, none of it done. Better get on that.


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