The other day I convinced Mr. Bellotti that Susan tried to sell me
drugs. I don’t know why he believed me, the fact that I was joking
seemed obvious to everyone around us, but his humor failed him in that
moment and I punk’d him hardcore. But then he got me back, and I can’t
have this. And yes, I do realize that it’s more than a little sad that
I’m in a punking war with my honors psychology teacher, but that’s how
life goes. I like that class a lot. Mainly because I learna  lot
from Mr. Bellotti but I like the people in it. I get to see Kaileigh
and Susan more, which is nice.

I’ve had some nice talks with Susan recently and I need to leave a note
on Ian Bonham’s car. It’s only fair, since he’s left a jew-tastic one
on mine. And Kaileigh’s too, I guess, since I finally solved the Case
of the Stalker Note-leaver.

I read the entire latest installment of Harry Potter this weekend. It
wasn’t that hard considering all I’ve been doing is staying in my bed
either sleeping or reading. Word of advice: Just because it SAYS
“non-drowsy”, doesn’t mean it IS.

Sam’s party was the shiznit. Do I own at movies, or what? duhduh, two
for two. I left my gift at her house, but I’ll get it later. I love
those kids, and I miss them a whole lot.

Only a little more time until hanukkah, and even less time until my
favorite college kids come home. I’m excited for the weeks to come, but
I’m also super-stressed because it means I have to write my portfolio
5-10 page essay that I haven’t even started researching. And the
scrapbook project for Mr. Bellotti. Ew, winter break is going to be so
much work.


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