I had a really, really, really good time tonight. Probably the best
I’ve had in awhile, and it was really needed. I’ve been super-stressed
out lately and I constantly have to work, so I never have time to calm
down and relax. But tonight Maidenform called and told me that I didn’t
have to come in today and it was perfect. I called Dsquared and we got
some dinner and then headed over to the coffee house for some music and
good times- all in the name of fighting AIDS. I must say I love that I
have friends who are so amazingly talented and it makes me smile. As
does seeing my buddy Adam (art & craft of film[s] version, not the
rockstar named Kishbauch). Johnny Erkkila owned eveything and this kid
named Jason told me he’d miss me forever, which was a little weird I
won’t lie, but nice at the same time. And the best part about it was
all I had to do was sit there and enjoy the music and friends. No work.
No stress. No homework. Just, chill.

Aw man, I wish I had more nights like this.


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