Some people, are just stupid as fuck. And stupid isn’t necessarily
commenting on unintelligence, because there are plenty of people who
are academically smart and just unaware of things or simple social rules.Grrr. I wish I
could just erase certain people from this planet. But I guess so does
everyone. I can’t wait until next quarter, I really can’t.

p.s. I owned New York City. And I love Kofi, and Danielle can’t understand, but Liana gets it.


2 thoughts on “”

  1. OMG. i jst read ur old post.
    august is cheating on you with MEE. haha we have that joke too. but last week, we got a divorce bc he saw me hugging a boy and said i was cheating. He wants to get back together to take care of our 9 kids though hahaha. LAME. wow, you are the ex wife and my MOM?>!!!!!!!!!!
    insane in the membrane.


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