Today I got to walk with Liz from our cars. And a quarter dropped out
of the sky and Dave picked it up and gave it to me, so I said it was a
token of our friendship. The scary safety man yelled at us, but I
suppose that’s to be expected considering he IS scary.

Ms. Driscoll yelled at me for being literally one minute late. Yeah, okay.

Teen PEP workshop soon!

The boys in my 3rd block class are obsessed with Chuck Norris, and this worries me a bit.

Honestly, the 3 boys to my left in ApHG make my life. They make
Danielle’s life, too, she just doesn’t show it as much. highlights of
today’s class:
“Don’t tell me when to be quiet, woman!”
“What design is that?” “It was a bridge, but then I got mad at Milner”
“It was like the tsunami on thailand!”
“He messed it up and now my mom can’t hang it up on the refrigerator!”
“Okay, AGF”
“My wife’s gonna be on a leash”
“You’re raining the punches!”
(*and when Danielle owned the class*)


One thought on “”

  1. OMG the boys in my 1st block are obsessed w/ chuck norris. they watch this weird chuck norris fact thing all class long. why are they so weird?!


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