Today in health we learned about eating disorders. Depressing. But I
got my seat back and we’re watching a lifetime-esque movie with Tracy
Gold from Growing Pains and Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, and
that basically equals a good time in my book.

Hon. Art & Craft of Film can suck it, honestly. How overrated.
MattF wasn’t in class today, and that made me sad. Tim is filming a
movie for his film school application/independent study. I reccommended
Kurt Csolak because he wants baby-faced innocence male and he looked at
me funny, and so did the boys that sit behind me. Yeah, okay you know
more about the kids that act in this school than I do. Pshh. They think
I don’t know anything about the subject. That my opinion shouldn’t be
taken seriously because I’m not a “movie maverick” like they are. Just
because you want to go to film school, it doesn’t make you an expert on
all things related to TV/film. 2 televsion classes aren’t equivalent to
film school, kay thanks. Don’t judge what I know about movies when you
don’t know me. I bet none of them would guess that I’m applying to NYU
cinema studies for movie criticism. I bet none of them would guess that
I could keep up with them in terms of movies seen/movies liked.
Whatever. I hate people like them. They judge me on how I look, if I
did the same I’d say they’re a bunch of stoner slackers. They wouldn’t
like that lable on them, especiallys since it overshadows their drive
and knowledge of their craft, and I don’t like the lable of “silly,
shallow girl”, either. Especially since it overshadows my dirve and
knowledge of my craft.

In other news, Mr. Bellotti and I are still BFF and the Alzheimer’s
video makes me cry. Literally.  Aphg still owns my life, even
though August told me that he’s been cheating on me constantly during
our marriage, and Dsquared and I are not fans of about half of the
people. But comments like “Jessica Simpson is my girlfriend, I keep her
chained in the basement” make my life worth living.


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  1. cupcake, i would never judge u by the way u look.  u look like a hot sexy love-machine, but i know that deep down inside, u r a genuine and deep human being who can’t help the fact that she’s so amazingly amazing.
    miss ya


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