Thanksgiving weekend summary:

-Wed. night I hung out with Bridget, Steve, and Darby and it was awesome. We saw RENT and I freaking LOVELOVELOVE that movie. I am in love with Mark Cohen (and subsequentally Anthony Rapp, but he’s gay) because, um, duh, do you know me? I wanted to see it again w/ Liz but my dumb work schedule didn’t make that possible.

-Thanksgiving is overrated. I do love the food, though.

-Friday was work until 10:30. LAME.

-Saturday I went to services in the morning and Mrs. Walsh annoyed me. Then Dsquared and I went on a successful mission to The Rail, thanks to her excellent (and at times frightening) navigating skills. We saw Meredith, Kelly, Liana, among others, but because of work we didn’t even get to see the Waffles stomp, and that kinda sucks. But yeah, David  told me that Marc told him that The Rail was an outside venue and, um, yeah, it wasn’t. So that was good because I have anxiety about being cold. And I’m just never walking from my car to class with him ever again for that misinformation. Just kidding. I’ll definitely do it every day because Elizabeth Wright is never there.

Today my dad is having company, so he’s being annoying. And I have work from 3 until 8 so that sucks my entire life.


EDIT:// I saw Walk the Line with DL and it was famazing.


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