I’m going in late today. HA.

I hate Black Friday. Officially. Hey, Maidenform, you can just suck it.
Because guess who has to close EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF THANKSGIVING
BREAK?! oooh yes, it’s me. Suck, suck, suck it.

And wtf is up with Cabaret? I’m happy for my friends who got in, but I
honestly don’t understand Cabaret without Adam Kishbauch. It just
doesn’t register. But I think Sammy and I will be reunited and I am so
uber-stoked about that because we had so much fun together sophmore

I am very stressed out right now what with school, work, cabaret
coming up, sweet relief just ending, and Mrs. Walsh being completely
up my ass about hebrew school/work stuff.  She can just die, k

I just need things to calm down for a little, and I thought I was going
to get that break this weekend, but I guess not. Oh well, at least my
college kids will be home. I miss them all so much, even though I just
saw Meredith 2 weeks ago. I only got to see Kelly and Jeremy for .2
seconds when they came down for Upper School so hopefully I’ll be able
to see those 2 (well, really all 3 of them) in between the hell that is
working at Maidenform for 500 hours.

difsjkdfjdfk school calls. time to peace.


2 thoughts on “”

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I got your note.  I thought it might be from B.  But, I guess not . BUT GETTING IT FROM YOU AND JEFFREY WAS WAYYYY BETTER.  I even put a picture of it in my Xanga.

    you’re awesome.


  2. when you said mrs walsh, i thought for a second that you were talking about mrs walsh, the evil sixth grade social studies teacher. that will make it TWO times i’ve mistaked ppl in your xanga for middle school teachers.
    weird? perhaps.  . .


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