I’ll miss the kids in my Modern Drama class, I really will, even though
they make me feel like I’m going crazy. I’ll miss being so blatanly
cheated off of that Chris flat out turned around today during finals to
see my paper and Mike walked over to my desk. I’ll miss David and our
talks and the triangle of friendship that is me, Bryce, and Dave, and
I’ll miss Mike D. being a jerk and teasing him about his love affair
with Christina. I’ll miss Bryce being a quiet little boy and yet
telling me constantly how he’s a PIMP (must be the “Phantom of the
Opera” music) and Dave being the most laid back person in the class and
his plans for producing Mike’s rap about Thoreau/Modern Drama (“yup in
my modern drama class…”) and Mike always asking him to bring in his
drums.  I’ll miss Mike, Ben, Chris, and Corey being insane
slackers and disrupting everything. I’ll miss Tina being drunk every
class and Miss Aiello going crazy and Nick being so perverted and
creepy that I think he might become a rapist. I’ll miss the non-stop
singing of “My Humps”, the fact that we’re so immature that we have to
stop every 5 seconds because of some sexual implication or because
someone’s always “gay” or “on crack”. I’ll miss the fact that we never
got through anything under 45 minutes and I’ll even miss Dan
threatening my life because he’s a crazy psycho. Dave said that he’d
have to check in with me to make sure that I’m not going through Modern
Drama withdrawl and I think I’ll need that. What. A. Class.

In other news no one supports my cross-class bridge of friendship in AP
human geo. Although I did start calling Ram “RJ” and august and eddie
have caught on. trendsettterrrr.

the end.


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