So, yes, my weekend was so amazing I could cry.

Math final wasn’t so bad, but I’ll miss the trio of november birthdays. normand.k-wacht.arika. we ruled that shit.

Art & Craft of Film is a joke. I’ll miss Adam, Joe, and Jimmy
though, they were fun. Honors doesn’t promise to be much better. At
least I’ll see Grant. Hopefully he’ll make up for Bernie. First quarter
of a class that’s being offered for the first time this year. I am not
looking forward to being his guinea pig.

My sister is watchig 7th Heaven and is so unbelievably lame. I miss the
days when I was in elementary school and it was good. And I have no
idea why I just mentioned that in this entry.

Tomorrow Jill and I are seeing our psychic friend and I reuinite with
my adopted from Sweden baby doll daughter, Haylie. AND I get to see
Sammy and Kristine. I’m so stoked 🙂

Season Finale of Laguna Beach tonight. I’m so sad, I don’t even care if it sounds lame.

challahhhhhhhh. (btw. EW, I got that shirt.)


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