So the play is over. The performances were amazing and all of my
friends came and told me how amazing I was and how beautiful I looked
and Meredith got me yellow roses. I love everyone so much. I love the
boys that I’ve worked with for 3 years. I’m not going to lie and say
that it was the perfect last show, because it certainly wasn’t, but I
cried the second night because it was my last show none-the-less. It’s
been a good run with a lot of amazing times and people and I wouldn’t
take back a second of it. I wouldn’t be the same without them and I
OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t be vp of the thespian society considering I wouldn’t
have been a thespian at all, I wouldn’t have a lot of the friends that
I have, and I straight up wouldn’t have had the same high school
experience. I’ve loved these past years in lowe/upper school so much
and I’m sad it’s over.

Cast parties were chill. James’s was comforting in it’s same ness.
Meredith, Kelly, and Jeremy came too and so Grant, Adam, Meredith,
Kelly, me, Jeremy, and sometimes Erik and James sat around his dining
room table talking and I don’t think I’ve felt that at ease and
comfortable during the entire rehearsal. It just eased up and could be
my self and not feel at all stressed out or pissed off and I loved it.
The next night at Grant’s was cool but Jeremy, Meredith, Bridget,
Steve, and I left early before the entire senior class of Central
showed up and from what Adam told me, I’m glad I did. Watching people
I’m not really friends with get crizzunk isn’t exactly my scene. I
basically only even showed up because Adam really wanted me to go and I
didn’t want Grant and them to get angry at me for missing all of our
last cast party. And I’m REALLY glad I missed Mr. Bernet ripping open
his shirt and dancing to disco. That man is so embarassing. and if Adam
says a party is lame, I believe him.

After we left Grant’s house, literally a coupld of minutes later, 
J-Price got a flat tire so Meredith, Bridget, Steve, and I
all got out and waited with him and then Jay ( I think that’s his name)
was driving by when he saw us struggling and came to fix it. But we
didn’t trust him so we called up Jon Freedly and he saved the day like
he always does and now we all have his number in our cell phones.

FTC like whoa. Next week Meredith’s up.

3 days until 18 year old weekend with Meredith!
4 days until NYC with THE LAGUNA CREW!!!!!!! Madame Tussad’s what,
take pictures, I promise.


3 thoughts on “”

    first of all, ahhhh shows and cast parties.
    second, YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN NYC ON NOV11?!!!!!?!
    you should come visit me. since you’re going to be with other people i won’t kill you if you don’t come out to dinner with me, but at some point either before 1:30 or after 5:00 we should try to run into each other. because i miss you.


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