Amen to Hannah’s xanga entry.

Friday’s was superb. Dinner with friends for my birthday is amazing. I love my life when I’m with these people.

Saturday there was dramaaaaaaa at rehearsal. fuck that shit. jill and I worked on my song, because it rocks.

Today was work all day which is not cool, but I got to leave an hour early which is.

3 days until my birthday.
5 days until opening night.

p.s. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES TOMORROW. you know what to do.
 “people think you’re a loser if  you actually want to win a superlative, so you have to keep it on the down low” class actress loves friendliest girl.


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  1. Hey sweetie girlie… you are 18 soon… whoot whoot… gotta go buy porne and cigs… cause that is what the cool kids do… What play are yall doing this yr? i so wish i could come and see you in it… i am sure you will do amazingly faboulous though…humm… ya … Big hug… ill talk to you later… we should totally do lucnh over thanksgiving or something… byes


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