I’m re-posting this part from my last xanga entry because apparently some people just can’t quite grasp the concept.

“Because even if certain people think that just because you do one play with them you’re bff; that you’re really in
with them, they’re wrong. And it’s nice to really belong with those
boys. Try and deny it, I don’t give a shit. Because everyone who
ACTUALLY knows them knows that the five of us are tight from 3
consecutive years of woring together. You can’t match that with
anything.” Get over it, asshole. You’re not actually friends with them.
And as much as you’d like to deny it, 3 years has actually given me
that role. So fuck you if you think you know everything because of one
show. Fuck. You.

But my biggest point of the night is this:

You’d think that at our age we would actually be able to grasp the
concept that if you talk shit about someone to their friends, most
likely they’re not going to keep it a secret. Don’t be so cocky as to
think that they like you better than me. Especially when we’re
practically joined at the hip. 3 years of close friendship will always
beat out a couple of months of “we’re friendly”.

There’s no need for comments. This is self-explanatory.