I love Jill for making me okay with rehearsal. I love Erik Erkkila,
James Davidson, Adam Kishbauch, and Grant Harrison just for being
themselves. For being so funny and for the way mostly everyone wants to
either be them, be friends with them, or date them. And I love them for
loving me best out of everyone in the cast. Because even if certain
people think that just because you do one play with them you’re bff;
that you’re really in with them, they’re wrong. And it’s nice to really
belong with those boys. Try and deny it, I don’t give a shit. Because
everyone who ACTUALLY knows them knows that the five of us are tight
from 3 consecutive years of woring together. You can’t match that with
anything. And I MOST DEFINITELY still miss the
past 2 years. None of these new kids have any idea what it’s like to
have a truly great cast.

I miss Meredith a lot. I can’t wait until she comes down to see the show.

I hate Ms. Aiello. How about you suck it, you stupid bitch. Oh yes,
calling home and telling my mother I’m going to fail because I’m
turning in a paper late, when I have an A in your class is just stupid.
Because it’s impossible to fail just because of that. How about you
kill yourself, kay thanks.

There is exactly ONE WEEK until
I turn 18!!!! And I get my song from Jill! and Erik said he, Adam, and
Grant would do an improv song about me. I love birthdays<3


3 thoughts on “”

  1. I love Arika more than life itself-more than Gilbert loves his new girlfriend, more than SEXY eric loves his breifcase, more tan grant loves to pretend hes from the Ghetto and lives in NYC, more than adam loves to pretend to have homosexual feelings for eric, more than i LOVE eric, more than i love eric in those jeans, more than i love mr. bernets bald head but very hairy chest, more than i love james and johns EXPIERENCE with mr bernet, more than i just LOVE playing guitar for the show, and even more than i love saying “eric and arika errkila” and yes, more than i love watching you eat fried chicken…i love arika THAT much. 🙂 hahaha good times.


  2. and u love me!!!! haha
    james and i r tight.  probably not as close as u guys r, but ever since freshman year we’ve been friends.  and i know everyone else too… maybe not as well as i would like, but they seem like amazing people and they’ve always been friendly and very funny.  i luv uuuuuuuuu


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