We had a sort of Teen PEP reunion today and I basically almost cried. I
love those kids so much and the idea of being with them to facilitate
discussions brightens up my life.

Mike Sabo told me that he stood up for me to Ms. A yesterday hahahahahaha Uh, unexpected much? That class is so freaking insane.

Firedrill in Analysis again. I wish we had a firedrill or two during
Modern Drama. Kyle and I decided that if it was a real fire that he and
Normand would throw me out the window to save me and then they’d walk
out unscathed. hahaha They’re cute.

Took my super-cool byline picture for my movie criticism article with
my creaitivity and Jessica’s photographic flair (and cell phone),
despite the misworkings of the roving reporter camera.

Sweet Relief meeting tonight. I hope people come, because we really are
putting a lot of throught and planning into it and it would be so
dissapointing if no one came.


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