Today in Modern Drama Mike asked me why I’m always so uptight. hahaha
Sorry if that class makes me feel like I’m on some kind of narcotic and
I can’t always handle it with a laid-back attitude.

“Would you drop like all 50 of your names to be Arika Erkkila?”
In better news rehearsal is my life. Honestly. I’m not gonna lie and
say it’s anywhere near what “Kiss & Tell” was, let ALONE what
“Frankenstein 1930” was in terms of cast bonding and me just fully
enjoying to be there, but it’s still a good time. And I really missed
Adam, Grant, James, Erik, Jen, and Jill. And those boys, I kid you not
when I tell you that the roles were MADE for them. I just feel so proud
when I watch them up there and see how well the parts fit them, how
perfectly they execute the lines. You should come see it if for no
other reason than to see them.

Moving on. School is stressing me out. I have no time and a million things to do. So I end up not doing them. The End.

Lastly, I love having a car. so, So, SO very much. Tonight Rachel and I
went out to dinner and it was marvelous. I wish I could have figured
out how to get to the Pier 1 place before we ate so that I could visit
Danielle, but sadly my sense of direction is still delayed.


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