So, school stresses me out.

And today in AP Human Geography I think I witnessed the most awkward
teacher-breakdown of all time. “You guys destroyed me”. What do you say
to that?

I finally took the vocab. 2 quiz for art & craft of film today b/c
I own Mr. Bernet, and I most definitely owned that quiz as well. I
don’t think the ownage will be so intense when I take the vocab.3 quiz

I also took my math quiz today (finally) as well, and I think I did
okay. Kyle took notes for me because he is the love of my life. I have
another quiz tomorrow.

College applications are just not happening right now. It seems that
every time I start to do them, I realize that there’s more things that
I need to do/ more tests I need to take before I can send my ish in.

Rosh Hashana was yesterday/today. Jew time is nice. Eddie asked me about my new year and I adore him.

In other news, certain annoying, bitchy people need to leave this world

In happier news, Tufts in 16 days and Liana+Arika night in ONE WEEK.
She’s my favorite. And we’re on the prowl with drug connections. How
can we go wrong?



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