Today at Maidenform I finally used my spanish-speaking skills in a
real-life situation. And only 2 years after Spanish 5. A woman asked if
I spoke spanish and I said “yes” so when she asked me if the price tag
was for both of the items on the hanger (the shirt and the bottoms), or just one of them, I was
able to respond. “No, no solamente por la camisa. Por los dos.”  I
was so incredibly excited that I told my buddy Jilli when she came in
for her shift.

hahahahaha Sr. Aron would be so proud. I think I’ll tell him tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “”

  1. i’m so proud!  when i was in germany some French guys asked if I spoke French and I replied with “oui, je parle un peu” (yes, i speak a little).  i was so proud of myself. 


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