“If I had to join the military, it would be the marines. They have a sick tattoo” – Kyle
Math is good. I’m doing well, but I have to make up a test really quickyly. Grr to not having any time.

-“[One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a] good book”
-“It’s a book?”
I still hate Art & Craft of Film. If I didn’t need this specific
class to get me ahead of the game in college, I’d have dropped it weeks
ago. Gee, can’t wait for honors.

“Nicky’s right! He DOES like little boys!”
Modern Drama still gives me a headache, but I still have Dave and I’m
so far ahead of most of the kids in that class, that they can’t even
see me.

“Isn’t it weird that she likes rap? If I had to choose, like, one person in the entire world to not like rap, it would be you.”
oh, oh, Eddie. <3AP Human Geography. That class, with the row of
people I sit with, makes my absolute life. I have a few problems with
the class itself, but I would never, ever, EVER drop it b/c of August,
Danielle, Eddie, Greg, and Dani. They just make me laugh so much.

Word to it being Friday, but work, homework, and college apps all weekend= boring like whoa.


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