This year started off with some drama, but it’s finally settling down.
I’m actually getting excited for the weeks to come.  I have the
perfect group of friends, a schedule that isn’t killing me, and an 18th
birthday coming up. And oh yeah.

I am officially the female movie critic for the LAMP’s new monthly
entertainment issue, the Beacon.!!!!
How perfect is that? I’m so
excited. And the fact that Grant might be doing it with me as the male
point-of-view makes it even better. Because I adore that boy to the
fullest extent.

And on monday I come in to do the measuring for the costumes which
means it’s only a little while until I get to come to rehearsal and be
with The Click 3 and “my boys”.

And in about 3 weeks, I’m going to Tufts with DSquared for some hardcore partying (haha right) and JEREMY<3



2 thoughts on “”

  1. thats so cool that you are the female movie critic. i wish my school did something cool like that so that could be me. although then i’d be more stressed than i already am and i’d probably die, but whatever.
    i love you. i want to hear all about your adventures. and i miss you a whole lot. you should probably visit me in my south jersey loneliness after you can drive.


  2. COngrats… sounds like fun… you critizing movies… i could never picture you doing that… lol… i still remeber all the mornings you told me the “truth” about movies… i always trusted your opion!!! Perfect for you!!!
    *BIg hug* you should mail me you first pulished review!!! I am intrieged!!!


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