Yesterday at work was death because the day before labor day always means that it’s so hectic that you migh tear off your limbs. But I made it through and then I went out with Bridget, Steve, and their friend Monica. What a supah- fun night. We went to Chili’s where my fries got stolen and then we walked around the parking lot for a bit, confused as to whether or not Steve actually wanted Coldstone or not. Then we traveled to la casa de Steve. Staring at the stars is relaxing, as is introducing yourself by saying “you went to college with my mom” hahaha We took many cell phone pictures of ourselves on that blanket and I decided that when I have my ultra-cool Laguna Beach cocktail party that Steve is coming just so we can say his name like Kristin does (and because he’s rad, duhhh). When we were in the car “Lovefool” was on and that reminded me of Meredith so I decided to call her and leave a voicemail with it playing, but then the poor girl called us back and we confused her with our screaming. We resolved to visit her 500 million times because there IS always room in the dorm. And I have to remember to call her before my birthday so I can bank in on my idea of spending my 18th doing 18-year-old-stuff in NYC with MerF. Got home around 12, went to bed because work that day had tired me, and today is Labor Day so who knows what the fam might want to do (probably nothing) and then later it’s Laguna Beach Night at DL’s house!!! hahahaha

You’re so jealous. hahaha


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