The As rant. And make greivances. And {V}. So that’s what we did last
night. With stickers on our hats and applications in our hands. Because
we were so young and stupid.

Tomorrow I’m hanging out with Bridget Jennings. What, what.

Today is Kanye West day on BET. He’s so rad.

go head girl, go head get down


4 thoughts on “”

  1. Don’t be silly, of course I’m not always right. I didn’t mean to make my second comment imply that you weren’t aware of the second comment, so for that I apologize.
    However, since the general public consensus seems to be that I’m always right, I can’t really apologize for that, since it’s that public’s opinion, and not mine. But, what’s the harm in that really, since I really don’t mind what the public thinks. Being right all the time is simply a plus- a benefit of the job, if you will. ; )


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