Step one: open up Media Player
step two: put it on random and hit play
step three: list the first 20 songs, no matter how embarassing

1.)Alanis Morrissette- Ironic
2.)Tilly and the Wall- Nights of the Living Dead
3.)Matchbox 20- Bent
4.)Kanye West- All Falls Down
5.)That Thing You Do! Soundtrack- That Thing You Do
6.)Brian McKnight- One Last Cry
7.)Shawn Colvin- I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon
8.)Rilo Kiley- Three Hopeful Thoughts
9.)Eurotrip Soundtrack- Scotty Doesn’t Know
10.)Craig David- Fill Me In
11.)Blues Travelers- Runaround
12.)Josh Groban- You Lift Me Up
13.)Bobby Brown- My Perrogative
14.)JC Chasez and Tony Lucca (MMC Performance)- Now and Forever
15.)Sixpence none the Richer- Kiss Me
16.)Dashboard Confessional- So Impossible
17.)Michelle Branch- Are You Happy Now
18.)My Best Friend’s Wedding Soundtrack- I Say a Little Prayer
19.)*NSYNC and Gloria Estefan- Music of My Heart
20.)Aquabats- Pool Party (awwwwww, M1)

I’m so freaking cool.

p.s. you’re an annoying little fucker, aren’t you? ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha. no, seriously.


6 thoughts on “”

  1. #9 sucks major balls.
    I have a mental picture of you saying that last sentence to a very ugly puppie. You don’t, by any chance, happen to know any ugly puppies in your life, do you?


  2. Oh, come on. If you examine the actual content of the song, you’ll see that I’m right. Therefore, the comment could not possibly apply to me.


  3. “Still shes on her knees, and…” Uh, right- that’s not about sucking balls. How can you deny that this song doesn’t suck balls, when it contains obvious lyrics such as the one above? And I’m not saying you may not have examined the conent. I’m simply proving that my summation of the song is correct, using the content.   


  4. I wouldn’t have defended my opinion so adamantly if you hadn’t termed my opionion of the song (which was only teasingly given in the first place) on me.


  5. oh i like all of it. i dont really listen to kanye west, dashboard confessional, or matchbox 20 (although we did listen to them in spanish once – the class and the language), and i dont know who a couple of the singer/bands are. but otherwise…YAAAY. i went to a shawn colvin concert with my parents once (i am so cool. although i didnt know who she was then and i havent really listened to her since. but still). and…of course, #20 will always win.


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