I am in love with Tilly and the Wall (since my transaction with Avni). I
am also in love with Kanye West (since, oh, forever). I just can’t get
enough of  his poignant raps, and how I am absoloutely in no way
shape or form gangsta, but Kanye makes me feel like it’s still okay to
be a fan. As for Tilly and the Wall? Avni was right. They do speak to
the high school spirit, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than songs
that reflect my life.

Last night I had a dance party in my room. We wore sunglasses and
turned the lights off and put on the disco ball from my “Disco Dance
Diva” karaoke set. We blasted Kelly Clarkson. And then recited lines
from Laguna Beach. We are so rad. (But I’m certainly not as rad as
creepy stalkers who wear my clothes and my jewelry when I’m not

Later Danielle slept over and we stayed up until 4:30 in the morning
talking. It was wonderous. We touched upon people who talk like they’re
50 years old (aggrivating to the extreme.),
annoying people in our classes, awkward tensions, our predictions for
our loveless lives, theater stuff, our issues with certain people,
drama in general, etc, etc.

This morning Danielle stayed over until 11:30 and then I got ready for
work and trained at Maidenform from 1-4:30. Tomorrow is my first real
shift from 4:30 to 9:30.

Only 9 more days until school starts. Kill me now. I am a firm believer
in the fact that I never want to talk to you if you’re actually excited
for school. And I don’t mean being excited for certain classes (those
classes are only a small portion of the hell that is the school day)
and I certainly don’t mean being excited to see the few friends that
you didn’t see over the summer (in most cases you’ve seen most of them,
anyway, and the excitement of seeing old friends lasts for about 10
min. and then you realize that you have school), but rather being genuinely, honestly, truly, excited for the entire high
school experience of learning. Those people can just suck it. Hard.

Losers. (oh yes. I’m definitely enjoying this new xanga format far too much.)


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  1. um, loser, have i not talked to you about how tilly and the wall is my favorite of my sisters indie music that i usually love but have no patience to find for myself?
    ok, maybe i havent. but it totally is. check the m-space, one time some guy even told me i was cool because i listened to tilly because of my sister, meaning that my sister was actually cooler. it was a really weird message.
    i love you.


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