I love having Laguna Beach nights with the different identities and
dances to the theme song and intense discussions and ice cream reserved
only for the new episode.
I love riding around Flemington all day with my friends doing nothing and still feeling completely happy.
I love how a kiss on the head can make up for a year’s worth of bad.
I love how awkward moments double when there are two people who are awkward.
I love going out just so you can talk in person.
I love talking about not having a boyfriend over and over again and it never getting boring.
I love knowing that this year is all up to me.
I love realizing that I have a class with most of my best friends this year.
I love having Bridget with me this year and having Meredith in NYC with Friday’s off.
I love the fact that I don’t need to make any new friends and it’s okay to lose some current ones.
I love having a parking spot.
I love that I get my mom’s car.
I love that when I have that first Thespian Society Meeting, it’ll hit me that I’m actually an officer of something.
I love that soon I will have a new Death Cab for Cutie CD in my possession.
I love that you make things uncomfortable, but I’m able to not give a shit.
I love that I have friends who care about me.
I love that I have great taste in movies.
I love that I get one more performance with “my boys”.
I love being able to hang out with one friend in the morning/afternoon and another in the evening.
I love that sitting in a coffe shop and playing scrabble for and hour equals fun times for me and my friends.
I love that I know so much about my religion, and am comfortable in it.
I love that I went to Israel and am able to have discussions about the disengagement.
I love that my little sister covers for me when I sneak out of the house. To see a movie.
I love that my schedule was fixed (but hcschedules is still ruining my life.)
I love that E-Ko and I barely get to see each other but are still so informed on each other’s lives.
I love that Danit and I know most things about one another through xanga.
I love that I dropped AP English because it was too much work. (and
because I’m extremely elitist about being in an AP class with people
who have an IQ of 10.)
I love that I wake up at 11 almost every day.
I love that Danny came back on the Real World.
I love that my future away from this place is so freaking close. (and I love how I’ll miss about  7 girls more than life.)
I love how I’m comfortable with myself.
I love how I am mature, but can still be goofy and weird as hell (ask DL about it)
I love how I’ve decided to not let you walk all over me any more.
I love how I’ve stopped punishing myself for my faults.
I love how I’m such a great friend that some of you are completely undiserving.
I love how I’m an interesting person.
I love how I make you laugh, and vice versa.
I love how I’ve decided to not let you take me for granted and to stop being “the nice girl”.

I love YOU if you read this entire list.


6 thoughts on “”

  1. you better effing love me. i totally read the entire list and agreed with all of it. (meaning that either i sort of know what you mean, or what you said about yourself is so right). and hells yeah we know most things about each other through X-anga. so much so that i don’t really have any stories to tell you. oh well.
    C-hill F-town connection should happen NOW. i love you always.


  2. i actually read almost the entire list.
    I love talking about not having a boyfriend over and over again and it never getting boring.
    that’s my favorite one b/c i totally feel ya. b/c we’re always either talking about that, teatre, or Israel. wurd.


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