Last night I saw “Red Eye” with Dahler and Jeremy. What a freaking good
movie. It really makes me want to take up field hockey and teaches me to fear
Frankenstein pens.

It was a good night; a good good-bye. It sucks my life that he’s
leaving tomorrow. It sucks my life that Meredith is leaving on Sunday.
It sucks my life that I miss them already. I’m too emotional for my own
good. I’m not gonna lie, I got a little teary-eyed after Jerm dropped
me off. It’s just weird to me that they won’t be here. And I know that
they’re not going sooo far away (Boston isn’t a lifetime away and NYC
is nothing), but it still depresses me.

I hate saying good-bye. I never know what to say. I have all of these
things that I know I want to tell them and then when it comes down to
it, I’m just too sad to say anything. What a loser. It’s a good thing I
know myself well enough to write letters so that at least I can say a
few of the things that I want.

Shit, son. I hate caring so much.


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  1. My baby leaves on Friday.I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do. It still feels surreal to me. I’m gonna cry so much tomorrow..Fuck, I can’t wait till next year… when WE’RE the ones who get to leave!…


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