Okay, so on Sunday I went to Danielle’s road party and it rocked my
life. We had some severely awkward moments, some drunken encounters,
and I dominated at pool. I FINALLY got to see the first episode of
Laguna Beach, we fondue-d and we danced around and sang along
with  90s songs. It was one of the best nights EVER.

Yesterday I stayed at D’s until about 1 and then I came home, cleaned,
and then went to Kate’s graduation party at Flem Fam with D. It was
fun, but sad. I’m really bummed that I have to say good-bye to Kate
because I ADORE HER, but I know that she’s still there when I need her,
and I fully plan on calling her when I have issues.

Then it was off to Liz’s for this week’s Laguna Beach Party. We’re so freaking cool. (Kristen, Alex, Jessica forever)

Today is open, so, um, yeah.


One thought on “”

  1. You forgot to say how we made D a song.  A classic.  An underappreciated classic, but a classic nonetheless.  It is 10:41 on Tuesday right now, and you are with a certain someone and you are going to call me when you’re done with that certain someone.  HURRY UP!


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