My mother says that I should organize my room more, but I’d rather just
throw things out. I’m a lazy procrastinator which is never a good
combination. However, when I start cleaning out my room I tend to get
into it. I sit and look at certain pictures, pieces of paper, notes
(I’ve kept almost all of them since 6th grade) and wonder why I’ve kept
them. I could chalk it up to my general addiction to nostalgia, but
it’s a little more than that. I guess I just like looking back on times
when I was close with the person who wrote that note to me. There are
friends that you only have for certain points in your life and it tends
to make me sad when I realize what happened.

I have a note from Kaela Moore. Ha.

It’s time to go through my notes up to this point and throw them out.
Will you be one of the people who I look back on sadly? Probably. And
that saddens me, too.


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