Last night I went out with Bridget Jennings and it rocked my life. We
went to Coldstone and danced and sang to “Runaround” and then sang the
rap to the Spice Girls song that the Coldstone people were singing
their tip song in the tune of. We impressed many. Then we went outside
to eat our ice cream and to talk about… things. We went into the
jewlery store just to look at the wedding dress, but then left to go
hang out in Borders for a little. We continued to bond and we ran into
Jeremy (!!!) where he told us that Meredith was in the hospital
(WTF?!!!), but the one in Edison so I can’t even freaking visit her
(unless one of you kind folks who know her too would like to drive
me<3). I felt like an awful friend and Bridget and I freaked out,
and Jermface calmed us down and filled us in. We left a little later
and waved good-bye to empty space because we couldn’t find Jeremy ( we
must have looked crazy), but then right before we were out the door he
came up and said good-bye and told me he’d call me (oh, Danielleeee)
and Bridget and I resolved to have another dinner with her, me, Jerm,
Meredith, and Kelly before they leave for college. On the way home we
talked about how much we adored each other, admired Madeline Confortti
(freaking GOD that girl is pretty), how adorable we think Grant is, and
how happy I am that she’s going to be with me this year. NICENICENICE.


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