So yesterday Danielle and I had our aventuras! First we had a picnic in
Deer Path Park and explored the other side of the park (very
dissapointing, I must say) and then we went to Briarwood and Danielle
gave me a tour of all of the horses and I met Lionel (what a HOTTIE).
Afterwards we drove past “the glowing gravestone” 2 times so I could
see it, both times were unsuccessful. Then we were driving to Natisha’s
house along the really creepy road and then we sang along to The Click
Five “Just the Girl”  and B-52 “Love Shack”.
We rocked out hardcore. Then we headed to Coldstone/Kohl’s (where we
ran into Danielle’s mom and heard some band that Dani likes)/Borders.
Borders was the best time out of all of them. We walked around and went
into the Psychology section and read these how-to books on dating. They
were so funny and a little interesting, too. We tried out the body
language stuff since, thanks to Intro. to Psych, I know that body
language really IS effective, even though certain things were complete
bullshit (open your eyes REALLY wide so they water…), and had so much
fun trying out the suggested walk. I got home around 11 and it was one
of the most fun nights EVER.


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