Last night was Arika and D squared bonding time. We went to Perkins and
looked at my Israel pics, ordered the best milkshakes of all time,
danced to the Corrs (and, subsequently, scared people into leaving
lol), and tried to get Jeremy’s attention for 23943924 hours. We
finally succeeded, so he came over and chatted with us for a bit, and
then left to bus tables leaving us to discuss things, such as prom.
When we were leaving we “hit on” Jeremy by leaving him a note on a
napkin with our phone numbers hahaha (SWAK!!!). He’s leaving in like 10
days, that’s so freaking weird. I better see him and Meredith and my
other senior buds before they leave or  I will cry so freaking
hard. Not that I won’t cry anyway, because, believe me, there’s gonna
be some bawling. ANYWAY, after Perkins we went to Borders where we
talked about hair, politics, and normal teenage girl stuff . I showed
her HEEB magazine, which OBVIOUSLY made her life, and she re-enacted
the time she ran into a creepy, fat, old guy. Then we left and talked
about movies on the way to my house and resolved to have a “Danielle
and Arika’s DAY OF FUN!” where we have an all-day movie fest because,
um, we’re just that cool.


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