Last night I went over to Liz’s and upon arriving at the Wright
household was offered a reward for finding T.P. Wright’s checkbook
(sadly, it was in the mother’s posession all along) and then heard
Liz’s excellent stories about her tour of Rutgers and then she showed
me the Jewish club of my dreams(!) After that we went upstairs to look
up a recommended website but soon abandoned that thought to go eat ice
cream and watch Laguna Beach. Because, duh, we love that show more than
life. After that was dunzo we talked about life, school and our plans
for the year and how we’re celebrating my and D’s 18th birthdays (hotel
in new york city, anyone? only if we have jobs!). We decided that going
to TRL, a dream we have had since 5th grade, was going to be one way of
celebrating. So we went upstairs and wrote a FANTASTIC letter to TRL
asking for information on how to obtain tickets. Okay, so maybe we
sounded like we were 12 after we wrote it, but whatever, we’re
super-cool. We then thought about calling the offices, too, but decided
that calling and e-mailing at the same time was too stalkerish and
abandoned that idea. We then surfed the site, found MADE, and decided
that we are going to make a tape and send it in, just for fun. There
was actually one that we could have done which is “I want to make the
spring musical” considering that I’ve done upper school and lower
school, beccme vp of the thespian society, but can never seem to make
the musicals due to my insane stage fright when it comes to vocal
auditions. Sadly, I decided that that might get in the way of me
wanting to student direct it and we decided on “I want to ice skate!”
instead because we both suck hardcore. We were also going to try doing
“I have a penpal online and want to meet them!” by sending in the same
letter and pretending to be eachother’s pen pal. hahahaha They’d never
knowwwww. Sadly, then it was time to go and I came home to the wonders
of my household.

Tomorrow I go to my grandparent’s house and don’t come back until
Sunday afternoon, I think. So, um, yeah, don’t be worried when you
don’t hear from me until then.


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