My days have consisted of intense TV watching. I start my mornings off
with Dawson’s Creek and relish in the memories of my childhood and then
I go downstairs and engulf myself in “Doogie Howser, M.D.” which is the
most adorable show, ever. After that I lounge around until I make plans
to go out.

Last night I went out to dinner with Kaileigh and Erica and got caught
up on their summer adventures, saw Meredith, Kelly, and Jermface there
and talked to them for a bit. Then I went over to Kaileigh’s and went
swimming in her pool where I got lessons from the master whale rider,
braved the floatie chair, revisited our diving/cannonball/synchronized
swimming years, and discussed all that is wrong with the dramatics of
our small, and yet not small, town. After that we went to Coldstone and
waited for 239583495 years in line, dined on some excellent ice cream,
and noted the group of people there that we had never seen before in
our lives (which in this town, is a rarity). Once we finished we headed
over to Borders and hung out there for a little while before heading
back home.

It was an excellent night.


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