Last night EW came over. We watched the “Laguna Beach” special features
and it made me profusely happy. We decided to say “dunzo” because, um,
we’re super cool. And totally moved here from Laguna Beach right before
they started taping. We then bitched about school for 04592304 million
hours, I told her I got a PARKING SPOT (WOOT WOOT!), and we realized
that we had Hon. West. Philosophy together. I still have spots open
because of a scheduling conflict with TV2 and Anatomy and Physiology
and I need to call Mrs. Kovacs to tell her what I want. Then we watched
“Little Women” because I was appalled that she had never seen it and we
learned some great pick up lines (What if I die of Scarlet Fever and
have never been kissed? I’ve waited my whole life to be kissed *puckers
up*), watched Christian Bale be beautiful and mack all 4 sisters, and
learned that poor people suck and only give the cool kid deadly
diseases. After that enlightening experience we watched “Center Stage”
(I fell asleep a little more than half way into it) and realized that
Mandy Moore songs are sensual and make great background music for sex
scenes (or, um, completely unmatched), waiters are adorable to the
extreme, and that Peter Gallagher is a sex machine and will always get the

Tonight I am seeing “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and then out to dinner with P-Marm and I’m super-hyped for it.


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